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Management auf Zeit

Rasche effektive Problemlösung

There are situations where a company faces stagnation! Despite a well prepared concept and despite a fine project plan there is an absolute standstill! Everything seems to be planned to the most detail, but nothing goes further ....

New Input is needed and new Impulses! >>> Now ICG is summoned!

We are specialised in

- analysing the present situation and

- in troubleshooting ...

To develop cheeky solutions. To think outside the box. To place issues in a new context. 

Often a change of view is enough... 

To find a suitable solution in no time . Always at the right moment! 

Our customers involve us when they are stuck and can't go further!


Immer eine gute Lösung- Always a good Solution!

Troubleshooting at its best!

Dr. Christian Walther (CEO):

"We may and are able to think outside the box. We are here to help and support when our customers ask!"