Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical Business 2030 Summit

to be held on May 06/07, 2019 in Munich, Germany

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Participation is only possible on personal invitation! Please contact us via e-mail!



This highly interactive event will focus on future opportunities and challenges of the ophthalmic market. It aims at providing the participants hands-on guidance on upcoming strategic business decisions in this area. All participants can use the results from the summit to modify or adapt the alignment in their business or market view.


Invited Participants

Participation is only possible on invitation! Invited key innovators and decision makers of the pharmaceutical industry worldwide who will attend the summit will have the opportunity to discuss with our experts the future and development of the Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical Business in the next 10 years.



Munich, Germany


Detailed Schedule Summary

Monday, May 06, 2019

Keynote lectures by experts

Medical Trends: 

The future with modified models on dry eye and ocular surface disease: Adaptive therapy becoming reality

Pr. Dr. Gysbert van Setten, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden


Pharmaceutical Technology Impact:

Innovation in galenics and application systems of eye drops - how to improve patient adherence: key to future global competitiveness

Matthias Birkhoff, APTAR Pharma, Radolfzell, Germany


Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence:

Impact of digitalization - challenge and change of relationship between patient and doctor

Pr. Dr. Oliver Stachs, University Eye Clinics, Rostock, Germany


Digitalization and Market Transformation:

Impact of digitalization - opportunities and challenges for stakeholders in the distribution channels of eye drops


Tuesday, May 07, 2019


Parallel interactive workshops

Workshop 1: Ophthalmic innovation 10 years ahead -

from medical science to pharmaceutical realization

Supported by Expert Panel


Workshop 2: Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence are triggering economic transformation in ophthalmology - winners and loosers, and how to be prepared

Supported by Expert Panel

Plenary session: 

Workshop summaries and overall conclusions


Attendance and Fee

Please contact us about more information. 

Participation is only possible on personal invitation!


Number of Participants

50 exclusively invited participants at a maximum


Content Provider

CORONIS Foundation

Kaflerstrasse 15, 81241 Muenchen, Germany

Organizing Company

International Consulting Group GmbH

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phone +49 89 6496 2767,

e-mail summit2019@inter-consult.com

CORONIS Foundation and International Consulting Group are pleased to invite key innovators and decision makers of the pharmaceutical industry to meet with ophthalmic experts in disease diagnosis, therapy and pharmaceutical technology as well as with experts in future market development on grounds of digitalization and artificial intelligence at the



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