Big Data - faster to the desired Result in the Data Heap

"We do not get the results we need for our business out of our data!" a company came to ICG. They asked if ICG could develop a proposal for intelligent evaluation of their databases.

ICG first developed a semantics so that the data can be understood in the same way in all data procedures. Then natural questions can be implemented as an intelligent evaluation concept, supported by pattern recognition. The result makes it possible at any time to store the data for the different application areas, e.g. KPIs, marketing, product development, sales, finance, receivables management, process and quality management.

After implementation the company was able to successfully increase sales and profits with the data.

Success facts:

  • Increase of profit

  • Reduction of costs

  • Improvement of internal and external processes

Immer ein gute Lösung – Always a good Solution!