New Concept for Leadership Trainings

With the quotation of its own employees "Please, no leadership trainings any more, they just make things worse!", a company engaged ICG. the employees had the impression that the level of communication in and to the team deteriorated after each leadership training of their executives. Nor were they able to solve their personal problems in the inner circle of the manager colleegues. The subject of delegation seemed to be unknown before and after the trainings. The result was considerable demotivation as well as disgruntled and dissatisfied employees.

ICG developed an innovative training concept. All the leaders of the company were involved. Individual responsibility was conveyed. The ability of adequate self-rating was strengthened. Thus increased the comitment. This process was accompanied by ICG. ICG supported the company to improve policy of information and leadership.

Success factors:

  • Reduction in turnover

  • Improvement of accountability and punctuality

  • Consolidation of company guidelines

Immer ein gute Lösung – Always a good Solution!