New Ways right from the Beginning

"So many business alliances and partnerships are breaking up and ending in fierce clashes, is there any way to make arrangements here right from the start of the partnership?" With this question, three young entrepreneurs and future managing directors turned to ICG at the foundation of their company. From the experience of ICG, at the beginning great care is taken in terms of liquidity, profitability, defined processes and a good organizational structure. Very often little attention is given to the human factor. Many companies break up on personal differences of partners and directors. In most cases, the conflicts begin very small and subliminal continue to smolder until it comes to a scandal. Nobody is aware of this. There is no agreed approach! Instead there are fights until one is subject to or the company splits (which usually means the end of the partnership). ICG thought outside the box and installed a kind of "grief box" in the form of a committed process. The partners / managing directors decides to instal a process where they had to contact this neutral and external person early by telephone. So they are supported by a conflict advisor from the beginning. The company is now established for several years. With the help of conflict counseling, the conflicts could be detected early and resolved without major financial or time expenditure. Success Factors:

  • good communication and atmosphere in the company from the beginning

  • Less hidden conflicts because of identified conflicts in an early stage

  • Internal conflict culture was also successfully applied in relation to the customer

Immer eine gute Lösung - Always a good Solution!