Optimization through Reduction of Contacts

A customer approached ICG to structure his customer service. As often ICG noticed also in this case the high number of customer contacts which employees found burdensome and difficult. ICG thought outside the box and asked the provocative question: "How could you avoid customer contacts?" At first, this question caused astonishment. But then ICG examined what kind of customer contacts and what reasons for the particular call existed. An evaluation showed that the company itself is in many cases the trigger for these phone calls and contacts. Of course, a company needs to maintain good customer contact care. However, negative issues were the triggers of the large number of customer contacts, such as complaints or inquiries into problems triggered by actions of the company. ICG analyzed the triggers and found a solution to drastically reduce the demands, so that the remaining customer contacts could be better looked after and treated more solution-oriented. Success Factors:

  • More time for the individual customer contact

  • Less dissatisfied customers

  • Increased quality in customer dialogues

  • More motivated employees in customer service

Immer eine gute Lösung - Always a good Solution!